Showcasing the best ideas from the University of Waterloo

Welcome to TEDxUW

TEDxUW 2011 is now over.

TEDxUW 2011 was a phenomenal success and we’d like to thank each and every one of our speakers, delegates, livestream viewers and sponsors for making it one of the most exciting experiences held at the University of Waterloo.

We’d also like to thank our media partners for building out the popularity of our event. You can see the fruits of our collaboration in the following links:

Showcasing the best ideas from the University of Waterloo

We live in an age where ideas can spread like wildfire, where tools can be harnessed to connect people across vast distances and where people can be mobilized en masse with the click of a button. Social movements across the world are now being spurred on by the use of incredibly powerful, highly-scalable technologies that can turn desire into action within minutes. The gap between our ideas and ability to take charge of our reality can be crossed in a single stride. We are inspired by revolutionary ideas, but we are also inspired by revolutionary leaders and agents of change.


Because they took action.

This is what TEDxUW captures – the excitement of taking action and showcasing the achievements of those people who defied the naysayers and created things, built relationships and brought their ideas to life.

And that’s just today.

Can you imagine tomorrow?