John Baker

Education Reformist

One of the University of Waterloo’s top-notch success stories – John Baker is the epitome of a successful change-agent. With his nothing-ventured-nothing-gained philosophy, John’s passion for redefining the future of education has been buttressed by his pursuit of change as an entrepreneur.

A Systems Design Engineer from the University of Waterloo, John founded Desire2Learn after recognizing an unfulfilled desire for online learning. What started off as a small business venture catering to a handful of departments at the university is now a world-class provider of enterprise-scale education management systems and eLearning solutions, enabling institutions and organizations to create teaching and learning environments that reflect their visions, values and goals.

A critically-acclaimed entrepreneur and member of Top 40 Under 40 of the Waterloo Region in 2009, John dedicates himself to teaching entrepreneurs that big challenges should not be viewed and approached as challenges, but rather as opportunities to make an impact and distinguish their caliber.

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